About the Blog

This blog came about when I was at SUCCESS magazine. I always tried to get everyone in on some New Year’s Resolution. Without much thought or planning, I said, “If we wrote one blog post a week, we should have enough content to make a book at the end of the year!”

Then I devised a punishment system where if we skipped blogging on Wednesday, we would have to bring our fellow Accountabilibloggers baked goods on Friday.

I left to start another career in May of 2014, but I am proud to say I only missed my weekly blog twice that year. I had Tiff’s Treats deliver the team goods on the subsequent Friday.

Years later, after the blog went dormant, my co-worker said, “I would love to start writing…”

And here we are; I’m back to blogging!

Thanks for stopping by; I appreciate it. I hope you get something out of my blog, whether laughing at the photoshops or getting inspiration from a positive post.