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When I was a kid, my grandma would often take us to the library. One of my favorite books to get was the D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths. I checked out this book over and over because it was so interesting. 


That Cold, Though!

This past week in the Dallas/Fort Worth area it has been a cold one. Temperatures are in the teens! Maybe you are from up North and scoff at that but for most of us Texans, it’s pretty chilly.


Happy Birthday Blog!

Today is a special one! It was ten years ago on this day that this blog was born! While it has had its dark times and years of neglect, I am pretty proud of it. Although I might have written it elsewhere, it seems fitting to share how it came to be.


Summer of ’91, Part 1

Last Saturday, I went to my stepmom’s house for our Christmas get-together. We all sat down to eat, and then I had a phone call come in. Not wanting to be rude, I let it go. Later, I received a text, which I peaked at. It was from my stepdad to my brother, cousins, and me, letting us know our grandpa had just passed.

Growth Inspiration Philosophy


A few days ago, one of my coworkers was not really complaining about it but just telling me of her financial woes. She mentioned that she was down to her last few bucks—enough for gas until payday. 


All Good Things…

Quite some time ago, I created a signup form to become a pen pal with me. We had sold our house, and my son and I were on our way to Costa Rica for a few months. Later we would be meeting up with my wife in Colorado and then all head off to Hawai’i. Since I was bouncing around so much, and lacked a permanent mailing address, I engaged the services of a virtual mailbox that would scan and send any incoming letters to me.


The Co-Workers Curse

While in college, I worked for a few years framing pictures. Various coworkers would come and go, but another guy a little older named Kevin was also working towards a degree. We were the ones who did most of the work putting the frames together, cutting mats, and stretching canvases—the Workhorses.

Introspection Positivity

The Mood Ring

From time to time, coworkers will vent to me about their desire not to go to work on a given day. But I love my job. I loved it before I left to take a year off of work, and I loved it once I returned. So when someone starts complaining about their job to me, they are bound to get a dose of positivity shoved back at them.

Inspiration Positivity

The Smooth Handle

A few weeks ago, my good friend was pulled over by the police. She suffers from anxiety and was a little stressed out by the situation. The police officer was going to write her a ticket she couldn’t afford for having no insurance, and she ended up crying and could show proof that she did indeed have insurance. The officer let her go.

Humor Positivity

The State Fair

Last Saturday, the fam and I went to the State Fair of Texas. We took the Trinity Railway Express from Hurst to Dallas and hopped on the Dart Green line, where we were let out at the entrance of Fair Park. I had purchased tickets to the fair online, so they scanned my phone, and we were in.