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Don’t Get Fresh With Me!

Many weeks I start without any idea what I will blog about on Wednesday. This week was no exception. But something fell into my lap so to speak.

By now, most of you have felt winter’s cruel bite. As of late, my office is no exception. To make things worse, our heater was out for part of the building and it was chilly.

We called a guy out to fix it and he was able to come before my fingers developed frostbite. As the blessed heat washed over me I heard a little “chink” to my left. I pulled off my headphones and looked around my desk. My first thought was one of my coworkers was trying to get my attention by throwing something at me. Kind of messing with me.

I was immersed in what I was doing, so gave up quickly on finding out what made the noise. My music was up pretty loud and I dismissed it as noise from outside.

Continuing to thaw out, I felt a little tickle on my calf and gave it a halfhearted scratch.

A little while after that, the tickle happened again, this time at my knee.

Again I scratched and felt something solid. I jumped up and shook out a COCKROACH from my pants leg. It tried to scurry away but paid the ultimate price for defiling me.

After that, it felt like there were bugs all over my legs. Any time my hair or skin brushed against my pants, I jumped up and started freaking out thinking there was another roach. I eventually went to the restroom to do a *hrmm* thorough inspection

What must have happened was once the heater turned on the perpetrator was pushed out from the vent above me and hit the desk to my left. From there it was looking for the warmest place it could find (AKA my leg) which would eventually be to his doom.

Seriously I will never feel clean again.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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