Don’t Stop Believing

Okay, just a few random things this week. You can find the common thread (if any).

First, I have heard from some people around me that are in the dating scene. Every time I hear about their issues I keep thinking “Oh man, they could be having so much fun. If (God forbid) I was ever in that situation again, it would be so easy to make the most of things and just have fun and play it cool. When someone special came along start being exclusive but never let go of the fun part.

Of course, having my wife and son every day I feel loved and I am never lonely. When I look back to when I was single it seems like someone else’s life. All the desperation and getting wrapped up so much into the idea of where is this going.

What is funny is I have been meditating lately and the one thing it has taught me is how easy it gets to train your mind to switch. Either “reality” from the above two paragraphs is very real regardless if someone is in your life or not. Whether you choose to feel alone or choose to have fun is up to you. Sometimes one possibility seems more real because it is in front of you but that doesn’t make it true. If you choose to dwell on your issues then that is what your life will be. If you choose to live in gratitude for whatever you are given that is also a choice.

Secondly, I was talking to someone else recently who was somewhat complaining about their job. After digging, it seemed like the issue was a lack of compensation. Not necessarily monetary reward but just something. Company get-togethers were mentioned to which I had to interrupt.

One of the things I did quite often at SUCCESS was to plan a party. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo, some of our speaker’s birthdays, and International Literacy Day. For no reason. Just because.

Usually, you could feel things you could feel were getting tense, and then BOOM time to celebrate. We had a potluck where everyone brought something (usually Mexican). But the thing was, it wasn’t company-sponsored. We invited the head of the department who would bless the event with their presence.

We even had micro-events like cube-side guacamole. Although I let it lapse I had the URL for to blog about our chips and salsa Thursdays.

The point is (pretty much what it always is on my blog) your reality is what you make of it. Don’t let anyone or anything keep you from bringing joy into your own life. If you are looking to date go date and have fun. That is step one. If you are rushing to get married, try a mail-order bride. Let your focus be clear.

If you want a good time at work create one. Don’t feel down because someone else doesn’t do it for you. Start it up and maybe someone will take notice of what it does for morale and institute their own version.

I was going to end it there but I have noticed something about myself recently that I guess I have always known. I think if you can implement this in your own life you will find yourself better off for it. I am a total opportunist. Opportunities present themselves and I take total advantage. A few weeks ago we had a vendor who was asking us if we wanted tickets to a concert. I had turned down other tickets and figured “He wants to give something” so I asked if he had anything for Marvel Universe Live. He hooked us up with 4 tickets in a boxed suite for catering. I was able to take out my wife, son, and mom for a great time. But things like this are always happening. I think just believing they can happen to you is the first step.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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