Costa Rica

I’ve Been to the Promised Land…

We have been in Costa Rica for a week and while it is amazing, I have to fight to take the time to do my day job. Between my family wanting my time and being distracted by the surroundings (both great problems to have) work is a challenge. I slacked a little during the week and had to make up hours on the weekend. I tend to get a little stressed out about it but then realize that I am in paradise and essentially life is amazing.

I have been visiting our property almost every day. It is beautiful with a gorgeous view. Tomorrow we have a guy who is going to take an excavator and flatten it out for us for what I think is an amazing deal. Today he drove the “Drago” through a nearby cane field because he didn’t think our bridge could hold up.

The coolest beetle landed on me. It was this beautiful blue and had this hump.


I also set up a website for my Grandpa. I think it might have taken an hour to purchase the domain, install WordPress, and do the first post, so don’t judge too harshly.

Also, I had a haircut from a mobile barber. If you didn’t think I looked like a 100% douche before, be assured, I look like one now. But hair grows. And to be honest the haircuts I get in the US never were that great anyway (take that Sports Clips!*).

The other day we hiked up to Rancho Naturalista (currently I am staying at my grandparents’ house, Rancho Bajo). They had the most amazing fresh-squeezed orange juice and sausage made from their own pigs. It is a working farm and we also were able to see their milking barn and where they make the cheese.

Have you ever had an actual passion fruit? This freakish gem might look weird but is pretty good! A texture that is a little weird and a bunch of seeds (I don’t mind them) but has an orangish flavored juice.


I am always a text away (if you have an iPhone for sure, maybe if you don’t) and stay in touch with the peeps at the main office. I will leave you with this convo:


*For the record, I only went to Sports Clips once and usually cut my hair myself. I personally think I do an okay job. Better than anyone else for sure.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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