Costa Rica

Leavin’… on a Jet Plane

By this time next week, I will be living the high life in Costa Rica. Literally.

Rancho Naturalista has an elevation of between 2528 and 3850 feet according to the website and I am currently around 587 feet. Might as well be in space.

My brother was kind enough and homeless enough to agree to move in and watch our house during our absence.

While I will be working when I am away I plan on it being on a balcony overlooking the most beautiful valley I have had the pleasure of viewing.

I have been contemplating putting this blog on hold while I am away to spend as much quality time with my family as possible. Even with these choppy sentences, I have been interrupted by my son 10 times. But two months is a long time I might change my mind at some point.

In other news, my boss let me read a book he wrote and has been updating for the last few years. I feel like it is something that should be shared with the world as it is such a message of love. While it is technically religious I felt like it was devoid of any judgment and could almost be loved equally by someone who didn’t believe in God at all. Much of it echoed things I had felt in the past but it was great to see it all in one place.

I already loved working where I do but, as I told my co-worker, after reading his book I really felt good about working for him.

Better than I already did. I was told that everyone was intimidated by him but I have never seen anyone else than a guy with a great sense of humor. We have this long hallway and his office is on the far side of it. He has to pass all the offices including mine to get to the exit. You also get to know everyone by the sound of their footsteps so I know when he is coming by. At least once a week I will try to have something funny when he passes by.

One time I was having a phone conversation on a banana. We both broke up in laughter. He told me not to make personal banana calls at work. My co-worker said later “What happened? I heard him walking down the hall and then you both started laughing like crazy.”

Another time I heard him and started spinning my chair around like I had been doing that all day.

One time he came by and a co-worker and I had just wrapped up a conversation and I said, “…and that’s the story of the first time I had to pay for sex.”

This doesn’t change my long-term goal of quitting life in the United States and living off the grid in Central America, but y’know… it helps.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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