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Many years ago, I would go to a real estate investors club in Fort Worth. It was where people who wanted to start real estate investing would go to learn and network with those who had been in it a little longer than they had. I met some amazing people and good friends, as well as learned from some very seasoned professionals. Some of it was like a whole other world to me, the clock-punching shmoe that I was.

Over time I noticed that guys who had been around for a while would sit in the back and watch the newbies. Volunteering to help out with sound set up, I would float around at the front while things were getting started, then make my way to the back and try to see what they saw.

What I always remembered was this one white-haired old man, who every time someone would mention a book, would whip out his little Moleskin journal and write what I assume was the name of the recommended book. I would notice he would take out that journal for any book, it didn’t matter if someone mentioned how they read a children’s book and love it, he would write down that title.

I found it fascinating.

When I heard someone casually mention a book, I would turn to see if he would write it down. I was never disappointed.

Books have always been special to me. I came from a small town and my grandma worked at the library for a while. Or at least we hung out there a lot. Either way, the library was an oasis for me as a child.

Some great books were recommended to me lately and I have loved every one of them. I was especially tickled while reading Greenlights, Matthew McConaughey mentions reading The Greatest Salesman in the World which I purchased immediately.

For those like me who were unfamiliar with The Greatest Salesman in the World, it is a little over 100 pages long but takes 10 months to get through. Starting in Chapter 8 there are the secrets to being great at sales, which are to be read three times a day for 30 days.

Why would I be interested in mastering sales? I’m really not. But I think there is something in challenging myself to go beyond what I already know. I feel with every job I have had or class I have taken, I have leveled up my skills. This is just the natural progression from that. 

Oh back to Greenlights. I really recommend it. However, I read it and did not care for the poetry. Usually, I don’t do audiobooks, but my coworker had listened to it and let me hear to one of the “poems” which sounded much better in Matthew McConaughey’s southern drawl than it did in my head.

This time, get the audiobook. It is a captivating tale of an intriguing man who really knows how to squeeze the most juice out of life. A very entrancing autobiography.

As always, if there is some book that has moved you lately I am always interested in your recommendation.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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Phoebe Ann Percell-DantesTaureau
Phoebe Ann Percell-DantesTaureau
2 years ago

Another amazing book! I listened to it as well. So good.

This time I’m going to recommend Gratitude by Oliver Sacks.

2 years ago

I too read and listened to the audio version of McConahey’s “Greenlights”. Enjoyed it very much. And I agree, the audio version makes the poetry more palatable.
Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. Working at SUCCESS Partners made me a voracious reader since we were often sent unproofed readers issues prior to publication for review by magazine staff for possible review/inclusion in our publications. I especially like true to life nonfiction.

Admiral Ackbar
2 years ago

Its been 10 days! We need a new post!

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