Missed it.

Yesterday I missed blogging due to having to work on electrical in my bathroom before these guys started texturing the walls. It was crazy I got home around 4 pm and worked steady until 12:30. There were crazy splices in the walls and the wire went from 14 to 12 guage so I had to redo that. I turned to my son after finding an electrical box buried in the wall and said, “When you find things wrong you just have to fix them, even if it would be easier not to.”

Since I skipped blogging yesterday I owed my coworker lunch. We went out to sushi. On the ride back to the office he told me I could have got an extension. But I like the idea of settling accounts and sticking to what you say you will do. I heard once that integrity is you doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Not that I am a saint but it is good to try to live like that.

Also, I am on a no-wheat/no-dairy challenge with my cousin and mom so going out to eat is pretty challenging. It does help to shake things up though.

Last week, I walked into a coworker’s office and they were saying they wish they knew what I knew in Google Sheets so they could be more useful. Then I had an impromptu class for a couple of my coworkers on how to use Google Sheets. I taught them about strings vs values and how to concatenate, join, use arrayformula, query, and wrapping if statements… it went on for two hours, and was told they learned a lot. I wanted to post it here but there is so much cross-talk I think it would be really boring to watch.

But that made me think it would be cool to teach people Google Sheets and I purchased the domain names and ( was taken) and was thinking it might be cool to make a site where I answer your Google Sheets questions for donation or not. Maybe a fee. Who knows. I would do it for free.

If you ever have a Google Sheet question please ask. If I don’t have an answer I would love to find one for you. If you have an Excel question I’m sure that there is a place for you too. On some other blog maybe?

Also I want to send props to my coworker, Miguel Hernandez, who showed me how to use the frenquency seperation action in my silly photoshop files. Not so much the one above, (although I did use it there) but this one here I thought was pretty nice. I think he is on Instagram or something. Look him up, he has some great photos.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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