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Publishing Beats Perfecting

One thing I have learned is that getting something out quicker is usually better than waiting until it is perfect.

Case in point. My current company wanted a website. They had worked with a few companies to get them a site for almost a year without much luck. I mentioned I could get a site going pretty quick and cheap using a template and perfect it from there. We tested it but gave it a hard date to be launched knowing that we could fix bugs along the way.

It took a month to go live and the owner’s exact words were I feel like a kid at Christmas.

We had then had a website. BOOM!

One of the things about the site was that it was built on an e-commerce platform knowing that one day we would utilize that functionality but it would not be for some time. So I hid whatever “Add to Cart” and “Checkout” Buttons I could find.

So yesterday I log into the site and notice we had 3 sales. I was freaking out. I found out an obscure way to find an “Add to Cart” button by creating an account, putting a product on your wishlist, and then you have the ability to check out.

After the initial fear, we realized this is pretty amazing. We were all excited about the idea of having the website as a platform to sell and now there is somewhat more of a push to get e-commerce functionality.

Another example is I know I need to start working out. You can always wait for the stars to align before making a change but last night my wife and I put on an exercise video and though parts of the exercise called for weights we didn’t have we had committed to going through with it. But having gone through it I know it was better than doing nothing.

This can be extrapolated for whatever endeavor you have been putting off. Try it today!

It is my belief that as a business philosophy this applies to marketing, and not so much the product itself. You want the product SOLID. Unless you can provide updates, you would never want marketing, to be better than the product. In that direction lies only disappointment.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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