Soak it in.

I heard someone say once that they were the kid that when they got a new VCR pressed every button and figured out what they all did. That really resonated with me since I was that same kid.

It’s that love of finding out how things work that led me to learn about computers as a kid, to my time in 3D modeling and animation, and my current career.

When I was young I had a Tandy computer and would try out lines of code to make beeps at different frequencies. Later I would go at MS Paint with bitmap abandon, creating art one pixel at a time. There were cheesy “Choose your own Adventures” made with a hyperlinking program. In high school, I had a class where we could make vector graphics and print vinyl stickers and heat transfers for t-shirts.

This blog also is a great joy for me creating weekly Photoshopped images.

Now the favorite part of my job is to create highly functional spreadsheets. My passion is to find out a pain point in my department or another and deliver a practical solution. Usually via spreadsheet.

There is that saying if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life, and the majority of what I do that is totally how I feel. Some of what I do were I to no longer work with the company, I would beg to let me continue doing for free.

Do you have a problem with an intense spreadsheet or cheesy Photoshop project? Hit me up. I would love to help.

The dark side is, I am on a computer all day at work. Being pretty sedentary, I have gained weight over the years which isn’t so great. Many times I have a problem turning my love for computers off in the evenings and weekends. Even when I was on vacation in Costa, I built a spreadsheet for my cousin (it was a badass spreadsheet though).

However, all that being said, I am grateful to have been built with such an interest in things, and not just for technical things, but everything. Different places, people, ideas… I’m interested! As long as it isn’t negative to be negative or is a fantasy being presented as reality, I’m game.

I always thought bored people are boring people. We live in a world that is too amazing to not appreciate. The people around us are too unique not to try to learn a little about, even if they are a lesson in how not to live.

So go out there and absorb, really soak in, the entertaining plot that is your life.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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