Son of a Preacher Man

My mom always likes to tell people about how, when I was in third grade, I asked her what the meaning of life was. She seemed so proud that her boy was thinking such deep philosophical thoughts at such a tender age.

Last week, my 3-year-old son and I were at the kitchen table and he asked me “Why are we here?”

Since spending time in the dining room is not a new occasion for us, I took the question to be the Great Question of life. “What does it all mean?” “WHY???”

I told him that we are here to grow as human beings, learn to love more and be less judgmental of others.

Later, still excited (even though I will allow for the potential that he was asking a random question) I text my mom about this development. She was excited and curious that since I had so long to think about it, I responded to him with.

Did you tell him that's Gods plan and we are all here for a purpose- we have to search it out

I really felt like just saying it was God’s plan wasn’t enough. And maybe at one point in my life, I might have said the same thing. Every few years my idea of why we are here for changes. And that is okay.

But I think, if you were to have something that would affect your day to day life the most, you could do worse to say “Today I am going to love those closest to me more” and “I am going to look down on the Kardashian’s less”.

That is always applicable and once you put that philosophy into action it will change the world around you.

Speaking of loving those around you more… my bestie, Nathan, thought I was talking about him at the end of my last blog post and I just wanted to kick him a shoutout at the end of this blog post.

Nathan and I worked together previously and when he gave his two-week notice I gave mine a week later. He is the coolest dude I know and really helped me out over the last week with a side project. So I wanted to honor him by posting some of the photoshops I made of him over the years.

One last shout out to my wonderful wife who was the model for some of our products. If you pick up the Dallas Morning News this Saturday you will see her in one of our “Game On” ads.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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