Star Wars Hoodie

Okay, I have become the master of mailing it in lately… and this post will be no exception!

I was going to write about absolute truth and how no one around me seems to understand the concept (or maybe I explain it poorly), however, I will talk about Star Wars. Specifically relating to apparel.

I might have mentioned my Star Wars hoodie. It has certainly graced a few of the images that accompany this blog. If you have a hard time opening up to people and are really looking for an ice breaker, might I suggest wearing Star Wars clothing? Out of the woodwork, people approach me with compliments of my garb.

But sometimes it is weird.

I was at a funeral lately, technically it was a life celebration. Being a chilly night I took +2 HP Hoodie of Warmth (my Star Wars Hoodie). Perhaps it was my fault dressing this way but while exiting, one of the ushers motioned to me, “Psst, you know they are making a new movie right?”

Seriously, if someone A) has the internet and B) is wearing a Star Wars related outfit, it is a safe bet they are hip to Star Wars news. And unless you are involved with Disney or Lucasfilm, they probably know more than you.

Then today I was at Walmart (don’t judge, I was just told about their new app that makes them amazing) and the cart guy took my cart and as I was walking away said is the most incomprehensible voice, “You know they just released a trailer.” When I said “What” he started pointing to his chest and I got that he was talking about my hoodie.

Anyway, fun stuff today I called in the missus to be in a photoshoot. So you will see her in the Dallas Morning News come March in our store’s ad. A star is born!

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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9 years ago

Did you know there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out, and they released a trailer not too long ago?

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