Sting Operation

Have you ever been somewhere with a crowd you know you shouldn’t be around and later it bites you in the butt?

This happened to me recently.

Last Friday I was mowing my yard, minding my own business. I noticed some wasps near the curb. Usually, they fly out of the way. This time they were out for revenge.

The yard was 75% done but after a pass, I felt this sharp pain in my leg and a wasp was behind my knee. Satisfied after penetrating me, he flew off to high five his friends.

In pain and feeling betrayed, I ran inside and grabbed my eco-friendly wasp spray. It’s made from peppermint oil and not only kills wasps but makes them smell delicious.

In a furious pain-induced rage, I sprayed at the only wasp foolish to still be on my curb. I saw another wasp fly in and started to spray but all that came out was mist.

No infinite-ammo.

I booked it back inside.

The next day I saw two wasps knocking on my door when I came home. I pretended that I didn’t live there and walked on.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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