The Dark Side

Long ago, while working at a past job, I had a coworker across the cubical from me. We would chat about things, but one common thing she mentioned was how the weeks when she had her daughter, all she could think about was going to the club. But when her ex had the daughter, she missed her so much.

I would always think of how odd the logic was. My coworker’s feelings were understandable, but since there was little she could do to change her situation, why not reverse her feelings, soak up her time with her daughter, and party her brains up in her absence?

Long-time readers have heard me say that our time is our most valuable possession. It is the one thing you can never get back. We should not waste one precious moment of it wishing for the future. Instead, we should be getting the most out of the present. 

Right now, I am emotionally at a very low point in my life. However, I know things will rebound eventually. If I look back on all my experiences, they always have. Why should they not continue to do so? With that in mind, I could wait for things to improve, but then I would not be living out my philosophy. Instead, I choose to enjoy whatever I can about the present.

When I take inventory, my loved ones are all alive and healthy. Though it smells a little like an ashtray (not my fault), I have a car that runs well and gets me from point A to B. I am paid well, and more importantly, I am very frugal and have developed great financial habits over the years. 

Plus, more Star Wars shows and video games are always coming out. I just finished playing Fallen Order and am now on Jedi Survivor. My son and I are building a massive Lego Millenium Falcon. I love it! 

I have some fun trips planned, so I know good things are on the horizon. Though I just wrote not to be waiting for the future, I know what lies before me is anything but bleak. There is a lot to be excited about. We live in a beautiful world with many places to explore, and I have the ability to do so.

If there is any point to this blog post, it’s that even when we are in a funk and our mood is at its darkest, it helps to focus on what is going right in our lives. I might be down now, but this is just a chapter in my book, and my story is not a sad one.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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