The Ratz

On Sunday, we skipped church
Myself Sam, and she
Of whom was called Kenna
And our friend Roni

We all went to Target
To shop for some food
We were given a coupon
To which we said, “Dude!!!”

This must be a sign
From heaven above
We could take pictures
With the ones that we love

It was a great idea
To top it off, cheap
(for when taking portraits
the price can be steep)

We talked to the lady
And then paid the fee
And told her of a picture
Featuring a group of us three

We went to the backroom
Where they had all the props
Like lobsters for beach scenes
And badges for cops

We had the choice
To pick the best out of six
The first five of our poses
Would all make great pics

But our final portrait…
It had to be great
Something unique and fun
Not something we’d hate

Roni came up with some stuff
That turned out to be lame
And to all his ideas
I promptly said, “no way.”

“Your ideas are no better.”
Is what Roni said
I could not believe those words
Came out of his head

The photographer startled
Shouted out in fright
As if she had never seen
Two grown men in a fight

Roni threw a punch
That I bravely blocked
And I said to Roni
“Prepare to be socked.”

Kenna is not one
To be caught in a rage
She put her hands to her face
And said like a sage…

“Break it up, you two…
There’s no reason to fight
The picture is taken
And it came out all right!”


Kenna had a postscript:

Church, Target, and goofballs galore…

Helps me remember what Sundays are for.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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Jocelyn Coxxx
1 year ago

Church, Target and goofballs galore
Reminds me of just what Sundays are for.

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