TV Casualty

A year or so ago (maybe 3 years, not much research goes into these blog posts), we made a conscious decision to get rid of the TV’s that were in our house. I wasn’t allowed to watch TV much as a kid but was able to waste most of my teenage years playing video games. So screens are a mixed bag for me.

When my wife and I started dating I told her I didn’t watch TV and she assumed I must lead an interesting life. While at her mom’s house, where the TV is constantly on, she noticed why I don’t watch. I get completely absorbed and focus on anything else. Even with shows, I could care less about. Like baseball or the news. Something about the bright colors and sounds.

My mother in law recently gave us the password to her Netflix account and we saw a few movies. Next thing, my wife starts saying it would be cool to get another television.

What with the Black Friday deals I thought this might be the time to get one. We had never purchased a television before and I didn’t know much about it. Our previous TV was what I called a “deep screen”, the old CRT model. I researched for a good 3 hours and found a decent flat screen.

The wall mount should be in tomorrow and then our lives will change. For good or ill, I don’t know. I’m guessing our brains will rot and our family bonds will unravel but I will hope for the best.

For complete transparency, I had a vested interest in getting a TV. When my wife suggested buying one I immediately thought of the new Metal Gear Solid game coming out next year. I have been psycho obsessed with that game for the last 16 years. When my wife and I started dating I told her “Look every few years they make another one of these games and you won’t see me for a few months.”

So I’ll be a new man next time we meet. Here is to 1080 pixel 120 refresh rate glory!

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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