Wanna Time Travel?

Those who know me, know I love science fiction. I read tons of books and graphic novels. When I watch a movie, usually that is the genre I gravitate towards.

One of the coolest ideas that are fun to think about and try to wrap your head around is the theory of time travel.

Dinosaurs from the future!
Is this the Future… or the Past?

Think about it! If you could go back in time and see the dinosaurs! Or go to the future and see how our planet looks after being taken over by the alien horde! You could go have lunch with famous people of the past like Jesus or Socrates… and realize that they don’t speak your language… (what an awkward lunch)

Or something a little more practical; go back in time and change something about your own life.

Well, I am here to tell you, that in a way… YOU CAN!

Imagine yourself 5, 10, or 20 years from now. Think if you didn’t change anything about your life, how would it be. If you kept going about things the same way you are today, how do you look? What are your relationships like? What is your financial situation like?

Now imagine that future self has the ability to travel time and see the you of today. Your present self. What would “Future You” tell “Present You”?

The Terminator

Would you hope that like in the Terminator they wouldn’t be able to bring back any weapons?

Ultimately you are responsible for the way their life has turned out. Of course, there are unforeseen circumstances but barring that, it is your choices that gave them the life they have. Can you imagine what they would say to you? What advice would they give?

Think about the alternate dimension future you. The one from the dimension where machines don’t take over and enslave everyone. But also the financial system is in place and body fabrication and cerebral transfer have yet to be invented. We have to live with the chance of poverty and our own body.

This you is where you are living the life you dream of. The money, the abs, the loving relationship with your spouse and children. What did that alternate future self do to get to where they were at from your present-day starting point?

Was it all the things that the current dimension future you tells you that you should have done?

While I do take life pretty easy and those who know me know have a lot of fun, I think setting goals and thinking about the future is important. One of the coolest ideas that go along with this theme of talking to you from another time is Since I love time travel I sent my future self a letter in 2010.

Dear FutureMe,

Hey, we are ready to embark on the rest of our life! There are some great ideas brewing in our little head. I am planting the seeds and you should be experiencing the fruits. Just remember whatever goes on there is a whole big world out there that you are meant to explore. No matter how bad you think it is God loves you and created a beautiful world that you can get in the car, jump on a bike or start walking and search out adventure.

Remember your sweetie and young son love you and to always be the bigger person and say I’m sorry, I love you and I was wrong first. If things seem bad you can always treat them to a movie or go out to eat and just shut up and listen. Do that enough times and your relationship is bound to improve.

Remember to save but don’t let life’s wonderful experiences pass you by.

I’m sorry for any bad things that have happened but remember let it go and embrace the joy out there.

Love you man!

It was really cool to get that email from my past self and really made me remember some of the things I had been slacking on and just made me feel better about what was going on at the time. When you get a little overwhelmed remember that past you thought he had it bad. What did he know, right?

Future you probably would laugh at both of you.

Action Steps

  1. Think about Future You and what he/she would tell you to do.
  2. Go to and write your in-between Future Self (6 mo, 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years down the road) some encouraging and motivational letters to get back on track with your goals.
  3. Live long enough to meet Future You.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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Daniel Merrifield
Daniel Merrifield
10 years ago

Very inspiring, Sam!

Sam Watson
10 years ago

Hey thanks Daniel!

3 years ago

Well done Sam 👍👍

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