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Recently, I listened to a podcast of Tim Ferriss interviewing Tony Robbins. In it, Tony mentioned something like “Change your life from one of expectation to appreciation.”

Most of your reality is based on how you perceive it. I’m sure everyone knows about the glass half full or half empty. It’s the same either way but it depends on you to decide how you see it.

When you go through life expecting things from others you are bound to feel disappointment, while when you feel elation at every good thing that comes your way, you will end up having a more satisfying existence (job, marriage, friendship).

It is funny since I know this to the core of my being and most of the time feel this through and through… but sometimes I get down.

Today a coworker came by and another coworker mentioned that I was going to be spending 2 months in Costa Rica soon. We got talking about how amazing that was and I couldn’t believe how ungrateful I had been feeling about life recently. It logically did not make sense.

I get to spend ample time with my family that I love, have an amazing job with fantastic perks that are super close to my house, and am constantly presented with phenomenal opportunities. My salary is enough that my wife is able to stay home with our son and we aren’t struggling month to month. I live in one of the richest nations on Earth and aside from being overweight, I don’t have any health issues.

Things are really exceptionally good. Can they be better? Sure. Should that get me down? Absolutely not. That would be the definition of ungrateful.

But also, I picked up Tony Robbin’s new book last night (I was really impressed with the podcast). I bought one for myself and one for my bestie coworker. We were going to have a book club; read it together and share insights. Some of those might show up here but will definitely show up on my Goodreads account. So if you aren’t already friends with me on Goodreads and want to follow along and share what you have read hit me up here:

Otherwise, I hope you can count up all the good things in your life and cherish those.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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