Introspection Positivity

The Mood Ring

From time to time, coworkers will vent to me about their desire not to go to work on a given day. But I love my job. I loved it before I left to take a year off of work, and I loved it once I returned. So when someone starts complaining about their job to me, they are bound to get a dose of positivity shoved back at them.

Inspiration Positivity

The Smooth Handle

A few weeks ago, my good friend was pulled over by the police. She suffers from anxiety and was a little stressed out by the situation. The police officer was going to write her a ticket she couldn’t afford for having no insurance, and she ended up crying and could show proof that she did indeed have insurance. The officer let her go.

Humor Positivity

The State Fair

Last Saturday, the fam and I went to the State Fair of Texas. We took the Trinity Railway Express from Hurst to Dallas and hopped on the Dart Green line, where we were let out at the entrance of Fair Park. I had purchased tickets to the fair online, so they scanned my phone, and we were in.

Growth Inspiration Positivity

The Magic Kingdom

My sister-in-law and her kids visited Disney World a few years ago with my son and me. My son had never been, so it was a real treat for me to take him. We rode the Millenium Falcon and saw the Star Wars area that had been set up, which was terrific. Storm Troopers interacted with the park guests, and we even drank blue milk. I was super pumped to find Admiral Ackbar memorabilia!

Philosophy Positivity

Crabs in a Bucket

In my late twenties, my wife and I were taking some classes about investing in real estate. They told a story of how when you put one crab in a bucket, it could climb out on its own. But if you put more than one crab in the bucket, they would pull each other down if they attempted to climb out.

Hawaii Positivity

Resident Tourist

Originally, Dash and I planned on being in Costa Rica for a bit longer, but my favorite cousin’s wife sent an invite on Facebook to his surprise birthday party in Colorado for the New Year. I had not seen him in person in twenty years, so I begged Delilah, who was in Texas finishing up her gig on the 1883 show, and we decided to go for it.

Costa Rica Inspiration Positivity

Change of Heart

Earlier today my Grandpa was telling me that he made it to 93. When I asked him what year he was born he told me, “1930. Why, what year are we in?” After telling him we were in 2021, he was frustrated and said people were always taking years away from him. I told him that with the Lunar year the Chinese would start with 1 when you were born, so that would get him to at least 92.

Growth Positivity

A Shift of Focus

It is really hard to sleep late in Costa Rica. Around 5 am the light is shining through the window. I have always been an early riser so I don’t mind it. Most every morning, I wake while it is dark and walk up to my cousin Nikki’s place. Then we both walk to the bottom of the mountain, touch the main road, and then walk back up. Over time this has gotten much easier. When I first started, it felt like I needed a break or my heart would explode. Now I am just breathing pretty heavy at the end.


Mystery Man

Okay, okay. Look just hear me out on this one. If you look at the categories on my website they are like: Growth, Positivity, Inspiration… this might make it seem like I am a high-minded dude that really has his stuff together. But really… all people are multi-faceted, complex beings. 

So bear with me on this one. 


Mi Familia

On TV, in the movies, and in a few relationships I have seen, it seemed there was a love/hate (or tolerate/hate) relationship with the spouse and the in-laws. The mother-in-law would talk trash about the son-in-law or the daughter-in-law couldn’t stand the mother-in-law or whatever the combination.