Election Night Meanderings

Here we are on election day and I am coming out of blogtirement because I had a story to share.

This morning I asked my coworker if she voted (she hadn’t) and after talking for a while she mentioned she wouldn’t know who to vote for because they both suck.

Knowing what she meant I totally agree. Then I told her that was why I voted for Gary Johnson. She said “Who?” and I realized I totally failed.

Pretty much the only thing I do on social media these days is like and share Facebook stories of how Clinton and Trump are horrible and anything that puts the Libertarian principles, Gary Johnson and Rand Paul in a favorable light. I talk about issues with one coworker (a reluctant Trump supporter) and on rare occasions mention the tenants of Libertarianism to my wife.

I also went to Central Market and asked my friend in produce if he voted (he hadn’t) which led to us talking lightly about politics. He told me he was into Bernie but after he went away then he lost interest. I told him I voted for Gary and he said that it was cool I voted third party.

Kind of like I made a statement.

Maybe it was a statement but I felt clean voting for Gary. I believe in Gary and what the Libertarian party stands for. I feel like it is the closest ideology to the Constitution, which the President swears to uphold and defend. Economically, Libertarian ideals make the most sense to me. Reduce the size and scope of government in your life.

Let me back up. Many years ago I went to the coast with a friend. His brother-in-law was there and I was warned he was going to talk my ear off about Ron Paul. At the time I had never heard of him and barely paid attention that weekend when he was discussed. But the name stuck with me and later on, I caught a few clips of him speaking, and what he said made sense.

We should be on the gold standard, the government should not dictate what you do to your own body and should not be involved with who you marry. Our military should not be involved with regime change in other countries. Wars should be approved by Congress. You have people in our country that do not know a time when we weren’t at war.

Currently, we are bombing 7 different countries with no formal declaration of war. You have people in other countries that don’t know why we are bombing them.

The Patriot Act allows our government to request bulk phone taps on US citizens without a warrant.

So I voted for peace. Something neither of the two-party candidates stands for. Libertarianism is not an isolationist movement like something. It is a non-interventionist.

I am rambling and have to put my son to bed. So until next time. Vote with your conscience. Get informed. Learn the history and for God’s sake learn about what this country was founded on and what it stands for and why that is important.

Peace out!

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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