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So here we are in 2017. It has been a while, dear reader.

I joined another blog challenge. This go-round I think we are only required to post once a month and I was not informed of any penalty… so piece of cake.

Where we last left off I was on a breakneck pace to pay off my mortgage. My lovely wife had even gained employment to help with the goal. I also had the order for the Storm Trooper costume canceled and refunded to throw more money at it. Though it was tough it was paid off in early May of last year.

What was funny was as soon as it was paid off it was like, “Okay… now what?”

I had purchased land from my grandpa in Costa Rica and was making payments. Part of the deal was that the payments would more than double once I had paid off the mortgage. So even though it seems like I would have all this extra money every month it feels like I don’t.

In fact, the day before payday I always tell my wife, “We have four dollars in the checking, let me know if you are going to buy anything today.” It sounds bad but we are also putting more than half of every paycheck into savings.

One of the things we are saving up, for now, is a vacation. My work sprung for the corporate office to go to Cancun last year which was really cool but I have 2 weeks of vacation to use before May so I am excited to get out of town.

I recently created a t-shirt website. I only have two visible shirts currently. I am super proud to have found the time to do that though.

Our office moved locations, so I can no longer walk to work anymore. It is still only a 16-minute drive and I am against the traffic both ways so it’s pretty good.

I was working out and eating better from June to September and had lost mega weight, however over the holidays, I gained it back and maybe a little extra.

Also, I grew my hair out so long I could wear a man bun. It kind of hurts my sensitive scalp and though I received many compliments I didn’t like it that much, so I cut it super short.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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