Even an eagle needs a push.

I consider myself a pretty productive guy. Most of the people I have worked with might tell you I am pretty motivating.

However, I am sure all of us at some point in our relish in excuses for not pushing ourselves further.

It is easy to be lazy and roll with the status quo. It is hard to spend time learning something new and change is tough for anyone. But living a life a stagnation is really just a slow death.

After a full day at work, my wife asked me why I don’t create a website to market my web side business. Currently, I am pretty much on a referral basis and only work for clients that have a history of paying well. With the exception of my labor of love, Rancho Naturalista (I always have to plug Rancho).

I started to come up with my excuses… I never have enough time… I just worked all day, and want to relax…

Then she asked me what if I paid someone else to do it.

That really got to me. Why would I pay someone else to make a website representing me as a web designer? Seriously I would be giving them all the information and once the content was done I could bust out a really simple site pretty quick…

Then she asked what would you want on the site?

I mean it would just be a contact form, list of skills, maybe blog some tutorials, maybe some testimonials, and past projects. It could be done in phases. At first, it might not be great but would be up and could be worked on…

When could you start?

Well, I can’t this weekend but I guess I could write out my about me section tomorrow night.

Basically, there are no real excuses given that I have access to the internet.

But the point is I hope everyone reading this has someone that will push you to grow and be better. To be more than what you are and all that you can become.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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