My heart is as warm as freshly baked bread!

Today I checked the mail and, to my surprise, received a letter from my fellow accountabiliblogger, Hugh Murphy. The topic of the message was that he missed a blog post and enclosed was a gift certificate for Central Market!

It was an extremely nice surprise but what I wanted to blog about was the benefits of being a person of honor and integrity.

When we started our challenge we made up a little carrot and stick system for keeping us writing every week. Many weeks it is a labor to bang out a blog post. It is always hard to find time and focus. Hugh’s blog must be even more grueling to create content for since he requires actual research.

Since we all have the same hard time kicking out a blog post I think we are all understanding when another blogger doesn’t write. It is easy to forgive them for their required delivery of baked goods penance. It is doubly easy for me to let it go since I no longer work near the crew. I certainly don’t expect anything.

This brings me to Hugh and how I would have let it go and thought nothing of him leaving me out if he did bring the baked goods. But the fact that he did was amazing and I think anyone would admire a person that shows that kind of integrity. Even if I didn’t benefit directly from it, I would think the world is a better place for having Hugh in it. For this and many countless other examples. Everyone I have met that knows Hugh has spoken highly of him and I think that is a testament to his character.

One other example really comes to mind of someone displaying integrity. I had this boss who was being asked a question about someone else in the company and she said, “I wouldn’t want to talk about someone when they weren’t here to defend themselves.” I was speechless when I heard that.

So go out and make the world a better place by being like Hugh Murphy. And if you read this Hugh, keep on being you.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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