It’s all a game.

The image above was provided by my co-worker Miguel (@MAGNUSDIV) who taught me everything I learned this year about photography.

Lately, we have been playing a lot of games. Skip-Bo, Uno Flip, Phase 10, Spades. For Christmas, I was given a Connect 4 type game which is my all-time favorite. During Christmas with my in-laws, I played my niece in Connect 4 and she was pretty good. Usually, when my nephew comes over we immediately whip out the game and start playing.

I will usually start strong but get a little cocky or get sucked into a conversation and miss some moves.

That’s life though. It’s easy to get off your game and lose track of what you should be doing. It takes diligence to stick with it and win.

This year I finally started investing in stocks. My boss had told me after I paid off my house that I needed to just start chucking money into Facebook. That was in 2015. A natural procrastinator I dipped my toe in early this year.

I am kicking myself for not starting sooner, I would be so much further ahead.

My coworker recently purchased her first $20 worth of Facebook and made $4 a few days later.

Our boss overheard and said he told his son to start putting all his money into Bitcoin. A few years ago he had made a good deal off Bitcoin. I had purchased some Bitcoin and lost my Authenticator app so haven’t been able to log in. This has most likely worked to my advantage due to the growth of Bitcoin over the last few years.

“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”


I always loved that quote. Seneca surely must have coached his team to victory a few times over the years. I don’t really keep up with sports though.

If you are interested in purchasing Stocks or Cryptocurrency please use my Robinhood link: You get a free stock, I get a free stock.

A former coworker and I had lunch and he had recently purchased a house and I told him the benefits of paying off your house early. Early on I had found out mathematically I could pay off my house in 2 years if I really buckled down to do it. 8 years later I was still paying my mortgage.

When my wife and I really committed to it, the mortgage was paid off in 6 months. During that time period, I did get a slight rise in salary when I switched jobs but it was only a fraction of the payoff.

The secret was to put all the money we had into paying it off each week. No matter how small of an amount it was, even less than a dollar at times. I had a spreadsheet that would track everything so I would see the time until it was paid off would get shorter and shorter.

My former coworker later told me he couldn’t believe that within the same breath of telling him the benefits of paying off your mortgage I introduced him to stocks and showed him how easy it was to sign up and purchase his first one.

That’s life though. It takes diligence to play this game.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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