Like a Boss

As a man, I do not think there is a finer compliment, than the one you receive right in front of your wife.

A little back story; I recently asked my boss if I could work in Costa Rica for a while. He said he would sleep on it and the next day said yes.

Life is amazing and I never thought that would be able to happen. I seriously thought that kind of thing could not work in the “real” world. We should all take a lesson from this and realize you can have pretty much whatever you want out of life and everything out of life is negotiable. It is a lesson that I am continuously having to learn over and over.

But aside from that, today we were at an employee viewing of our newest store and I introduced my boss to my wife. He was asking her if she was excited to go to Costa Rica and she said it was very nice of you to give us the opportunity. But then he said, “Sam is really important to us.”

Not to brag but I do get many compliments and, though it may not seem like it, I try to be pretty humble.

But somehow when someone I work for tells my wife I’m great or thought well of it is deeper and more real.

My manager at my old job once gushed about me in front of my wife and I was blown away. I had worked with her for a few months and didn’t really think she liked me.

Anyways, if you need a realtor in Bayfield Colorado, I happen to know the best:

Bacon Wrapped Siding

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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