Magic can happen if you Willet

Ok. True story.

Once upon a time I was in my backyard saw a bird chirping some distance away. I called out to the bird. He flew to my finger and chirped and flew off.

Amazing right? This only happens in fairy tales where Snow White has a pure heart.

Well, you are looking at a dude with a heart as pure as gold!

Hmmm… don’t believe me you say?

Well, there is a little backstory between me and the bird.

So the week or so before this event, my stepmom and I were on a walk and saw a baby bird on the side of the road. We picked it up and over the week we nursed it back to health. We named the bird Willet after my stepmom’s work.

After a while, we took to training Willet to fly. We would stand about 3 feet apart and toss him between us. Eventually, he would do a little glide between us rather than just being tossed.

One day I had him outside and he took off to the nearest telephone line. I figured it was the last time I would see him again. Baby all growns up. Time to leave the nest and all that jazz.

Later that day however I heard a chirp and saw a bird who I assumed to be Willet. I pat my chest like I did when we first started tossing him back and forth in flight training. Then he flew over to me and landed on my finger.

I had watched Snow White as a child and loved that she was a kindred spirit to the animals. Growing up in the country, I had called out to animals and always had the hopes they would respond to me as someone who was friendly. Like they could get over their human stereotypes and see the gentle soul I was underneath. That they could hang out with me without the fear of being eaten.

Alas, this is the closest I have come to be one with nature. So sue me if I skew the story a little at first.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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