The Third Quilt Story

Ok, so this one wraps up the sentimental quilt trilogy. The last quilt I will tell you about was given to me when I was eight or so. Made by Nan, the same grandma that made the first quilt I wrote about. 

Introspection Random

Yet Another Quilt Story

We were at my stepmom’s house a few months ago during Christmas. I was warming by the fire, dozing off. My stepmom came up and draped a blanket over me. Inspecting the blanket closer, I realized it was the quilt my high school lunch ladies made for me!


Nan’s Quilt

My wife texted me earlier today asking if I wanted to picnic with our son. I tend to work more than I should, so I decided to cut out a little early as it was a special occasion. Once I came home, we left for Natural Grocers and then hit the park.