The Connection

Last week, I received a huge compliment from a coworker. The gist of it was what I wrote on my blog provoked their thoughts, that my writing was raw, and they sensed true emotion in my words. Then we ended up talking for an hour about one of my latest blog posts.

But really, I think that is the highest form of any art, to create something and bring out emotions in someone else. To connect.

In the past, I have enjoyed shocking people with outlandish antics to see their emotions. Sharing jokes and having a good sense of humor is one of my favorite ways to experience an emotional bond. Doing something nice for someone else and feeling good about helping and inspiring gratitude in others is wonderful in so many ways.

But for all of those examples, it feels like someone is doing the shocking and someone is being shocked. Someone is telling the joke and hoping someone will laugh. In generosity, there is a giver and receiver (even when both are really receiving something).

However, to write or create something, and have someone else say your words hit me where I live, and I feel just as you do, I’m experiencing the same thing and here I thought I was the only one, almost felt like the ultimate connection. (I guess technically there is a writer and a reader but still, it felt different)

This person also said they thought that I was one way, and after reading what I wrote, now thought I was another. I might seem like I drank the kool-aid but there are also depths. I might be a class clown, but also can have some wisdom deep down. 

Which is really another form of connection, to be understood. 

In the end, I think that is what we are looking for.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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Erika Lee Kline
2 years ago

Such a simple yet impactful entry!

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