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Unicorns, Rainbows and Star Wars

At work, some co-workers and I did a personality test. This one to be precise: The results showed that I am an INFJ. Reading it I was thinking they nailed it on some things but for others, it didn’t feel right. My coworker read it and said it was totally me. Another lady in the office had the same profile and she said she researched our type and found out that it was the rarest, that only 1% of the population shared it. Funny that there would be two in one office.

I was told another coworker inquired about what my type would be and speculated that it was: Unicorns, Rainbows, and Star Wars. To which I was a little shocked. But the guy who told me this agreed and said if he could spend a minute in my head he imagines it would be fluffy clouds and somewhat like an acid trip. That I was a hippy in a normal person’s body.

I came home and told my wife and brother thinking they know me better and would laugh but they agreed. This is really weird because I know they have seen me upset. But even with the examples, I gave they stood firm.

Too weird.

In another conversation I had today, I discovered I am an ass-kisser but in a natural way that isn’t fake or out for anything. I think it derives from being a good listener (sometimes), with a positive attitude, and am interested in interesting people.

In yet another conversation I had with someone trying to figure out a way to ask for a raise I solidified my belief in the fact that if you are looking for a raise you had best look elsewhere. This might be only true of the tech industry but I have seen over and over that the raises that I had received are nothing compared to leaving and getting a higher salary somewhere else. I wrote about a friend who did this and made significantly more and my best bestie pretty much doubled his salary in a little over a year by job-hopping. When I was at my last job, another developer once told me to never leave a job unless you are making 20% more at the next one and it served him well.

One of the things I have at my current job is something so intangible but means the world to me. I feel really honored. The corporate office was moving to a new building and since we own the current building we are in and have a store in part of it I was told I could stay. He asked me over to the new building and showed me the office he planned for me, which was arguably in the top two of office spaces, but said: “If you are giving me the option, I would rather have the ability to walk to work.”

The new place is like 20 minutes away, so it isn’t that bad, but I never knew how amazing life would become to have no real commute.

I’m sure I would eventually have to move to the new place but if you give me an inch I will take an inch. Seize every opportunity and all that.

And last but not least, soon enough, you will be able to book your stay online on We are in the final phases! So exciting!

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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