Summer of ’91, Part 1

Last Saturday, I went to my stepmom’s house for our Christmas get-together. We all sat down to eat, and then I had a phone call come in. Not wanting to be rude, I let it go. Later, I received a text, which I peaked at. It was from my stepdad to my brother, cousins, and me, letting us know our grandpa had just passed.

Growth Inspiration Philosophy

Stir What You Got

Age creeps up on all of us. It’s a tale as old as time. I never really cared too much when I started seeing wrinkles. A few sprinkles of grey made me look wise in my early twenties. Going completely grey didn’t affect me either. In fact, I had enough compliments and people calling me a “silver fox,” I thought it was a good thing. When the hairs on my cheeks turned white, I finally felt like I looked old. 

Growth Inspiration Positivity

The Magic Kingdom

My sister-in-law and her kids visited Disney World a few years ago with my son and me. My son had never been, so it was a real treat for me to take him. We rode the Millenium Falcon and saw the Star Wars area that had been set up, which was terrific. Storm Troopers interacted with the park guests, and we even drank blue milk. I was super pumped to find Admiral Ackbar memorabilia!


Great… Expectations

A friend from out of town and I were driving, and he hooked a thumb out at Taco Cabana and asked, “Is that any good?” I had such good memories of Taco Cabana back in the day. We don’t frequent it so much lately, but I remember loving the freshly made tortillas and chicken flautas. Loading up on cilantro from the salsa bar. Even their margaritas were surprisingly good.


Under the Sea

Many fathers are into sports and in turn, push their sons into sports. My grandfather was into airplanes and his son, my father, was led into airplanes. Although he worked on airplanes all his life, I don’t think airplanes were ever one of his passions. Reading and watching science fiction were, which I picked up on my own, and scuba diving, which I was thrust into.