All I do is Win

Today I received a text from Chipotle saying I was a grand prize winner. 20 free burritos.

Yesterday (at Chipotle) the cashier runs to meet me as I leave and gave me a card for a BOGO burrito. “Because you’re always here.”

It doesn’t stop there. Not to brag but my life is full of win. I think I mentioned in the last year I was given two invitations to Farm Team which represented 2 t-shirts and some 20 or so free burritos. Plus many times the managers at Chipotle just comped my meal. But it doesn’t end there.

During our last Christmas party when they drew the $250 gift card to Central Market I stood up to accept before they called my name. The year before I won a $500 stay at the Four Seasons.

Recently I won what is best explained as Employee of the Month, which was $200 and other prizes. The next day I won a company-wide competition for more prizes. A few days later I found the golden egg in an Easter egg hunt. A coworker commented, “Sam just has to show up to work and he gets extra money.”

Plus, I have won a cool prize for the summer reading program at the library in the last few years.

Okay, you have got this far listening to me pat myself on the back for being a human rabbit’s foot. Now I will share with you how I think all of the things have come to pass and how you might replicate this apparent “luck”.

I’ll start out with my focus. I have an almost unwavering focus when I want something. Also, you notice how much Chipotle I win? I eat there every day almost. Another display of focus. A sheer amount of exposure puts me on the path to more opportunities. With the times I won at the Christmas party and with the latest Chipotle grand prize, I KNEW I was going to win. No doubt entered my mind. I imagined how I would feel after winning and how grateful I would be.

Which leads me to being grateful. The most important thing is to be thankful for whatever good thing comes your way. I could also write a blog post about how “all I do is lose”. I’m sure I could come up with ample examples. But why put your focus on that? During the Chipotle “Farmed and Dangerous” challenge everyone could have won for playing. I’ll still count it as a win and consider it a personal blessing.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”


Winning things like the employee of the month doesn’t just happen. I give tremendous service and help beyond my role in the company. I’m always trying to hone my skills and branch out to learn new things that help me become more effective at whatever it is I am doing.

So keep your eyes on the prize, be grateful for whatever comes your way, and be prepared for good things to happen.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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