I’m going through changes!

Big change since last week!

Last Thursday I received an email from CareerBliss with a job posting a walkable distance from me. I told Delilah and she said, “You have to apply!”

The resume I had was the one my wife made for me when I got the job at SUCCESS. I had already been working there for a month as a temp and had proven myself so not much work was put into making that resume. So I busted this out.

Around 8 pm I submitted said resume and 20 minutes later they asked to talk to me tomorrow.

The next day I sweated through a phone interview. Literally, I was in my car with no AC. I came back to my desk looking like I had been through a sauna but was confident I had the job.

Then, I received an email saying the owner wanted to talk to me and did I have time that afternoon. The problem was that afternoon I had planned Nathan’s going away party. Nathan said I could get out of it but Delilah had told me the company would respect the fact that I kept my obligations. When it comes to BJ’s Berry Burst Cider there is really no choice. I went, had a few drinks, and then called to see if the owner was still at the office.

We met up and talked for an hour or so. I liked his vision and saw how I could help in a major way. How he described his company and the type of people that worked there seemed like a crew I would enjoy.

Let me switch gears here a little.

At work Monday a coworker said, “Your brother is HOT.” The thing is while my brother is a good-looking guy, he doesn’t seem to think so because he isn’t approached by many women.

Absurd right? I know what most of you are thinking, what planet is this guy from, but that’s the thing, sometimes you have to make the first move. When nothing happens you get a little insecure that nothing COULD happen. But nothing WILL happen unless you do something.

A little obvious but sometimes we all need to get a kick in the butt to make a move.

I have loved my job at SUCCESS and had a great time working with some 95% of the people I dealt with on a regular basis. Which I feel is an impressive number.

But the time had come to move on.

I had been laid off at my job previous to starting at the magazine and part of me felt that it was an amazing opportunity. The amazing opportunity began to feel like my only choice after a few years and it took my good friend Nathan leaving to get me to think about looking in the first place. Nathan was given an amazing counter and I asked if I could get a counter without having to look around. I was given an “I’ll talk to some people” kind of answer and when the CareerBliss email came through I thought I would give it a go.

Everything happens for a reason. Don’t get stuck or think everything has to be handed to you. Sometimes you have to go out and make the first move.

Amazing things can happen.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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10 years ago

As one of the 5% I’d like to say…good riddance! [sniff, sniff]…I’m not going to miss you at all…or your damn red shoes!


Sam Watson
10 years ago
Reply to  Matthew

Dude you were not part of the 5%. I’ve been grooming Misty the racist to take over for me. The position comes with a pair of ruby slippers. It will be such a smooth transition you won’t even know I’m gone.

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