My love of Chipotle: Chapter 2, The End of the Affair

While there is a perverse joy in parking in the employee of the month space and this being my last week on the job, there is a downside to leaving. For the last 3+ years, I have been going to the Lewisville Chipotle and have an unspoken bond with the crew.

I might have to back it up a little.

Throughout my life, I have had a unique relationship with those that provide me with nourishment. Naturally, I cherished my grandma who prepared my lunches in elementary but it went further than that. In high school, I had a link with the lunch ladies that defied boundaries. In the yearbook, my photo was next to theirs in cafeteria staff and they made me a quilt when I graduated.

The crew at Lewisville Chipotle also carved a little place in my heart by filling the hole in my stomach.

For the first year, I didn’t really notice the people behind the counter. I just mindlessly herded through the line. But around 2 years ago something changed.

One day I smiled at one of the ladies and she smiled back. I smiled at everyone down the line and realized that these people were amazing.

We never really said much to each other. They are extremely busy at lunchtime. The communication we shared (besides placing my order) was all done by smiling.

Occasionally one of the management would comp my meal, the cashier would give me a BOGO coupon, or one time I was given an invitation to Farm Team.

It was truly a great experience.

They opened a Euless Chipotle, but when compared with the Lewisville crew, they are the B team. Where the Lewisville crew are fast and efficient, the Euless store always has a line, never understands your order, and has someone mean muggin’ behind the counter. Oh yeah, and their guacamole isn’t nearly as good.

On a slow day last week, I mentioned to one of the ladies that I put in my two weeks notice and wouldn’t be around anymore. She said they would miss me. I told my favorite lady a few days later and she bobbed her head and said “okay”. I realized her English maybe wasn’t so great.

So maybe it wasn’t completely reciprocated but still, it was good times. I felt like one of the patrons of Cheers or something coming in every day. I will never forget you, my crew!

Behind the counter

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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10 years ago

Your un-natural love of all things Chipotle is both heartwarming and disturbing. As is your affairs with lunch ladies. I will both miss and despise this about you.

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