Like a dream…

I started a new job this week. Among the many perks, I can wear shorts to work! Long have I chaffed at having to wear pants to the office and now I can cast off those denim shackles and let my calves be free!

Yesterday I walked to work. It took 45 minutes. I walked to Fuzzy’s for lunch, a mere 10 minutes away. Hitting every red light it would take 8 minutes to drive home. My commute has become the thing of which dreams are made of.

Delilah picked me up and we had lunch at Chipotle today. Before, these lunches were infrequent due to the drive, but she already mentioned we might have a picnic tomorrow.

They also hooked a brother up with an iPhone 5s. Since my android is pretty old and I feel like a drug dealer carrying around so many phones it only makes sense to ditch my old phone.

Oh also I have an office with a window and my desk came with a plant. Like a live, green plant. (Or I think it is alive, I wouldn’t know the difference…)

Plus the people I work with seem pretty cool.

Leaving work Friday was super weird. I gave one coworker an awkward hug and realized I didn’t want to experience another, and knowing most people would be at karaoke, I bolted. Leaving the building I almost felt like crying. There was a piece of me that was gone. Misty and I met up for half a margarita and I couldn’t shake the incredibly weird feeling that I was no longer going to be a part of something that I held dear for the past 4 years.

Afterward, the crew at SUCCESS did karaoke as a last get together. It was great. I didn’t even know Main Event did karaoke.

Then Hugh, Peggy, and I went out to eat. The waitress commented on us having a family dinner. I couldn’t help but think it was somehow close to the truth.

I wish the best for my old department but cheers to new opportunities.

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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Jennifer Chang
Jennifer Chang
10 years ago

Beautiful post, Sam. You’re a much better writer than you give yourself credit for.

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