I Might Have Made a Mis-steak.

So I broke my meat fast.

Last week I took my brother out to a Brazilian Steakhouse. To train for “The Meat Olympics”, I ate meat at least once a day for the four days prior to the event.

I had just been on a 21-day raw fruit and vegetable challenge, and having spent the last year as a Pescetarian, I knew I was in for a wild ride.


Spanish for Insane

Lately, I have been doing a huge side project on the weekends and weeknights. I have two very distracting children which I love. But when they are home and awake, it’s hard to get anything done. My solution was to get my wife and kids a hotel room and crank out the work.

Inspiration Random

All Your Books Are Belong to Us!

This blog post is more of a PSA than anything but might help some of you out there.

As many of you know I read a ton of books. Last year I read 400+ books (mainly graphic novels). What you might not know about me is I am pretty frugal. Out of those books I purchased 4. Since books cost money I go to this thing some of you might have heard of, the Library.


Stop Talkin’ Trash!

Last year I came up with the idea of not saying a negative thing about another human being as my 2014 resolution. It met received mixed reviews. Some thought it was amazing, some were taken away by the idea and some thought it was stupid and unrealistic. But the more I talked about it, the more I realized it was something important that I had to do.


Wanna Time Travel?

Those who know me, know I love science fiction. I read tons of books and graphic novels. When I watch a movie, usually that is the genre I gravitate towards.

One of the coolest ideas that are fun to think about and try to wrap your head around is the theory of time travel.


A year in review and a look ahead.

I love New Years’. My full-time job is in the personal development industry, so I look at this as the holiday of goal-setting. It is amazing to see what you can do in the year by doing (or not doing) little things each day at a time. A year is a great span of time to measure how you are developing as a human being. With that in mind here is what I set out to do in 2013 and how I did.


The Ratz

On Sunday, we skipped church
Myself Sam, and she
Of whom was called Kenna
And our friend Roni