How I spent my summer vacation

I totally missed blogging last week. The last of the accountabilibloggers to miss. Another common thread in our blogging bond.

It is not without its price, however. Thanks to, I was able to send the required sacrificial baked goods to the rest of the crew.

My excuse (if you care) was that I was on vacation last week and lost track of days.

“A vacation?” you say, “Haven’t you only held your new job for 2 weeks.”

No, this isn’t a fancy term for unemployment. Prior to accepting the position, I had said I would start in 3 weeks. The customary 2-week notice and a week to use up my accrued vacation time. My boss asked if I could start earlier and take the time off later and I agreed.

I considered not taking the time off at all, but my wife mentioned I should. Looking back I am immensely grateful she did.

It was nice relaxing at home with my family. My wife and I went to King Spa twice. We ate like pigs. We moved like snails.

I read 15 graphic novels and gained 6 badges on Treehouse. Some side jobs came in that I knocked out pretty quick, so I was able to make some money too.

I was able to come back to work feeling refreshed.

My old team had Chipotle catered today. It made me miss them.

Old crew eating Chipotle

What makes it all better though is my new gig. Today my wife dropped me off at work, at lunch she brought me a salad, then she picked me up. Every time we saw each other today she commented on how she loves how close I am and how cool it is we get to see each other.

I love it.

lunch in my office

By Sam Watson

I'm pretty good at Microsoft Excel but a freak in Google Sheets.

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